Want to Blow the Whistle? You’re Protected from Retaliation

Here’s some real talk, so listen up.


Have you ever been faced with a work-related ethical or compliance concern? If you answered “yes,” MTA Corporate Compliance is encouraging you to report it without fear of retaliation.


That’s right. The MTA’s All-Agency Whistleblower Protection Policy and Code of Ethics detail proper conduct for the authority’s nearly 70,000 employees and shields whistleblowers from retaliation from co-workers, supervisors and other agency personnel.


As an MTA employee, you’re expected to familiarize yourself with the policy and the code. 




“We must embrace a speak-up culture where employees do not fear reprisal,” Lamond Kearse, the MTA’s chief compliance officer, told MTA Today. “Employees who have a concern about suspected wrongdoing are encouraged to alert their supervisors and the appropriate agency ethics officer to which their department is assigned.” 


Section 1.05 of the Code of Ethics urges employees to “promptly report any violation or potential violation of laws, regulations, policies or procedures” related to the MTA, while Section 1.06 of the same code says that employees who report violations or pending infringements are safeguarded from any reprisals or penalties associated with reporting those infringements.


In addition, any employee can reach out to MTA Corporate Compliance directly at 888-U-ASK-MTA or (888)-827-5682.


Got that? Okay. Now, it’s a little different for suspected corruption, fraud or criminal activity. Those should be reported to the MTA Office of the Inspector General (OIG).  


The OIG can be reached at 800-MTA-IG4U (800-682-4448) or www.mtaig.state.ny.us. The website’s front page displays a Tips & Complaints tab where MTA employees can share their concerns about suspected violations of administrative policies and also provides instructions for those who wish to report fraud via email, regular mail or telephone.  


“We owe it to customers, our colleagues and ourselves to be good stewards,” Kearse added. “Allowing wrongdoing to continue unchecked affects us all.”


If you’re not sure whether your concern relates to potential ethical or compliance wrongdoing, or suspected corruption, fraud or criminal activity, or if you have any additional questions, call the MTA Ethics Helpline at (888)-827-5682 or contact your agency ethics officer listed below. 


Ethics Officer at Metro-North Railroad: Richard Gans, 212-340-4933, gans@mnr.org



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