Our 2018 President's Award Winners Are...


Metro-North is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 President’s and Team Excellence Awards:





Lawrence E. Mals, Electronic Specialist, Communications & Signals, Maintenance of Way

Andrew R. McClellan III, Conductor/Special Duty Trainmaster, Transportation

Andy Melendez, Custodian (Poughkeepsie), Customer Service & Stations

Pasquale F. Perrotti Jr, Assistant Deputy Director, Maintenance of Way

Giacomo Raguseo, Senior Director, Operating Capital Projects, Financial Management, Operations

Albert M. Santini, Chief Engineer, Maintenance of Way (retired in August)

Jason S. Sharkey, New Haven Line Shop Superintendent, Maintenance of Equipment






Civil Speed Enforcement (CSE) Implementation Team: Positive Train Control (PTC), Communications & Signals (C&S), Transportation, Maintenance of Equipment, Rules, Training, Engineering

Congratulations to all!

The winners will be celebrated at our annual awards ceremony on Thursday, October 18, 9 AM at the Stamford Marriott Hotel. 

If you received an invitation to attend Metro-North's 2018 President’s Award ceremony, please RSVP by Tuesday, October 4.

Below is the bus schedule for transportation to the event.  Buses will be on the west bound side at Stamford Station to meet the following trains:

  • Train 1408, the 7:02 AM train from GCT, arriving Stamford at 8:02 AM
  • Train 1710, the 7:08 AM train from GCT, arriving Stamford at 8:18 AM
  • Train 1510, the 7:30 AM train from GCT, arriving Stamford at 8:24 AM
  • Train 1535, the 7:17 AM from New Haven, arriving Stamford at 8:22 AM

Do you know an employee who is deserving of Metro-North’s top honor? It’s never too early to submit a nomination for next year's awards.


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