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Our Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2020

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Our People

You Spoke to Us...

Our Strategic Plan Information Sessionsaro Our Strategic Plan kicked-off June 7, 2016.

aro 18 Information Sessions were held with President Joe Giulietti.

They included an informal, open dialogue with employees in each district.

Almost 900 employees were reached.

More Information Sessions to come!

…We're Listening

Outreach Graphic

aro After listening to your feedback at Our Strategic Plan Information Sessions, we developed Outreach Sessions with representatives from Human Resources, Training, Labor Relations and the Business Service Center.

aro Almost 200 employees have participated so far in the Outreach Sessions.

aro More employee train stops have been added and restored in response to requests you made during our outreach sessions.

aro Employee train 2435 was restored allowing employees at Mott Haven and Highbridge Yard to make convenient transfers at Harlem-125th Street or GCT prior to 8 AM.

aro Three Upper Harlem inbound AM-peak trains now stop at North White Plains:

6:58 AM, Train #620 from Southeast

6:51 AM, Train #926 from Wassaic

8:08 AM, Train #634 from Southeast

Keeping You Safe with Expanded Training

Neil Sweeting Field Training

aro A dedicated safety training day has been added to the new hire orientation.

aro 353 new employees have had safety training, as of September 2016.

aro Our program goals have been expanded to include training for at least 20% of all managers by year end.

Learning from One Another

Lunch and Learn Logo

Lunch and Learn Logoaro More than 500 employees have been brought together through the Lunch & Learn Series.

aro These were created to educate and engage employees in discussions on a variety of topics.

aro 8 seminars covered subjects in new technology, safety, and career opportunities at MNR.

aro Our most attended seminars were:

Women in Transportation

The ABCs of PTC: Positive Train Control.

Staying Healthy Together

  aro "Healthy4U!" launched in January 2016.

  aro Health and well-being tips are provided regularly to employees.

  aro Weight Watchers is now offered on-site at a discount.

  aro Active events to improve your fitness are offered frequently.


Our Customers

Community Outreach to Educate and Promote Rail Safety

Tracks Logo

aro Metro-North launched its "TRACKS" program in May to educate and promote rail safety.

Lunch and Learn Logoaro 51 events were held covering grade crossing and railroad safety.

We reached 26,000 people
(52% of our goal).

aro Over 20 more events are planned through December 2016.

aro Tell us if you know of a group that would benefit from this program: mnrtracks@mnr.org

Innovating with Mobile Ticketing via Smartphone

eTix Poster

aro Launched free app that allows customers to purchase tickets anytime, anywhere with their mobile devices.

Hudson Line eTix® launched June 30, 2016.

Harlem Line eTix® rolled-out July 25, 2016.

New Haven Line eTix® rolled-out August 22, 2016.

eTix Posteraro MNR eTix® usage through October 16, 2016:

September and October marked full activation of eTix® on all 3 lines:

September eTix® sales represented 7.7% of total ticket sales ($4.4M/$57M)

eTix® sales as of October 16 totaled $4.5M

October eTix® will represent 13.65% of total ticket sales if sales trend continues through month's end.

Since the eTix® app was launched:

380,666 tickets sold

$12.3M in total value

50% of eTix® are for monthly tickets

81 % of eTix® app downloads on iPhones (MNR & LIRR combined)




Our Infrastructure

Managing Our Physical Assets

Enterprise Asset Mgmt Logo

Enterprise Asset Management is a way to manage the lifecycle of our physical assets.

aro A Metro-North trouble ticket system is currently under development, which is intended to:

 > Improve our response to infrastructure incidents in the field.

 > Collect, manage, and analyze data on all our assets.

 > Use mobile devices to capture asset information in the field.

 > This process will be phased in through 2018.