Our Railroad  Our Vision  Our Future: Special Progress Report August 2017


Dear Colleague,

image04alttagThe results from our second employee survey are in, and, as promised, we are sharing them with you.

We learned from your input that our Strategic Plan, initiated by former President Joe Giulietti, and our railroad are moving in the right direction. This is a tribute to his vision for Metro-North.  

See the highlights below or scroll down to see the results compared to the 2015 survey:

Our Railroad coworker safety up 1pt leadership safety up 7pt necessary equipment & training up 4pt diverse workforce up 3pt reccomend MNR job up 1pt right direction
Our Management mgnr understands what I do up 6pt trust supervisor up 6 pt trust sr. mgmt up 3pt teamwork up 6pt enviroment for productive work up 6pt
My Job
like job up 1pt understand my contribution no change my work matters down 1pt proud of MNR up 6pt valued employee meeting customer expectations down 3pt fair treatment up 2pt growth ops down 1pt
Strategic Plan Logostrategic plan awarenes strategic plan impact strategic plan impactcontribution to strategic plan
Our Employees 5-year forecast

Overall, there is a positive improvement in response to questions asked from 2015 to 2017, with minimal decreases in only a few categories.

While 87% of you have heard about and are familiar with the Strategic Plan, only 37% of you indicate that the Plan has had a positive impact on your day-to-day work.

At the same time, though, 62% of you believe your job contributes to the goals and objectives of our Strategic Plan.

This year, 2,382 of you (37% of all employees) responded to the survey. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our questions!

We are committed to keeping you involved in Our Strategic Plan by seeking your input and opinions. Thank you for the continued dedication and professionalism that you bring to your jobs every day as we work to achieve the goals we have set for our railroad.


Catherine Rinaldi

Acting President, MTA Metro-North Railroad